Art ReMix

April 6, 2010


Today, we live in a “remix culture” that continuously combines and recontextualizes images and information.

The term “remix” comes out of music, derived from hip-hop artists and djs who started combining familiar beats in new ways—literally remixing the music to get dancers on the floor and keep them there. In the same way that a remix provides an “alternative” or new version of a song, in the museum it can deliver an alternative view on art history and art-making.

The MIA’s “Art ReMix” series combines artworks in fresh and thought-provoking ways to reveal connections across cultures and time periods. Through this process, we can gain new understandings and perspectives on our past, our present, ourselves. Visit our current ReMixes, ReMix Archive, and Artist in Residence program to see how ReMix enriches the story.

“Art ReMix” series is part of the MIA’s contemporary art initiative, which debuted with “Until Now: Collecting the New” (April 16–August 1, 2010).