Abstract Matters


Abstract Matters
Gallery 276 from April to July 2010
Marco Breuer
German, born 1966


Marco Breuer
Untitled (Tip), 2001
Silver gelatin paper, scored
Courtesy of Von Lintel Gallery, New York, and the artist

Placing Marco Breuer’s photograph, Untitled (Tip) with works from aboriginal Australia reveals how design patterns might appear similar but embody very different meanings. Breuer created his wispy white vertical lines by pressing an object against light-sensitive photography paper, exposing the paper to light, then developing the image. This camera-less photograph represents the artist’s interest in exploring the possibilities of photography as a material form. It does not try to represent anything other than what it is. The aboriginal works in this gallery feature similar abstract patterns and colors, but have very distinct symbolic meanings connected to dreaming, the past, and rituals. The dotted flowing pattern and earth tones of Turkey Tjupurrula Tolson’s, Untitled, 1984, for example, suggest landscape and crops, while the patterns of other works evoke dreams deeply connected to the Australian culture. In the end, abstraction is dependent on the artistic intention and the cultural context of the work.

Web site:  http://www.vonlintel.com/index2.html

Interloper – or Illuminator? You Tell Us.

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