Face to Face

This Art ReMix engages you face to face with nine extraordinary individuals from the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. To create more spaces in the museum that encourage connection and interaction, we have transformed this hallway into a multicultural crossroads, where personalities usually separated in the MIA galleries according to geography, time period, or collection area, come together to inspire new ways of looking and thinking.

We connect through faces. These particular faces, created by individual artists from vastly diverse places, for unique purposes, and in a wide range of materials, reflect thousands of artistic decisions. Why was a certain expression chosen over all others? Why a particular moment or material?

How do you respond to these faces now, disembodied and removed from their original contexts of place, time, and artistic tradition? These sculptures—side by side and face to face—invite you to make your own personal, visual, cultural, and historical connections. Take any two faces, for example, the Noh mask and the Radio Nurse, or Emperor Hadrian and the Veiled Lady, and ask yourself how they are similar, and how they differ. Which faces speak to you? Why? To which can you relate most personally? What is your connection?

Or think of these individuals as characters on a stage, or at a dinner table. How are they connecting? What are they saying to one another? What secrets are they sharing? What are they not telling?

The possible connections raised by these juxtapositions are diverse, but each face is unique, as is each viewer they encounter in this corridor.

Interloper – or Illuminator? You Tell Us.

What do you think about the juxtaposition of contemporary and historical art in the galleries, as you see in “Art ReMix”? Share your comments below:

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