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Face to Face: Veiled Lady

Posted on by tamsp

The exhibition “Face to Face” engages you with nine extraordinary individuals from the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. To create this Art Remix, spaces in the museum that encourage connection and interaction, we have transformed the second floor hallway into a multicultural crossroads, where personalities usually separated in the MIA galleries according to geography, time period, or collection area, come together to inspire new ways of looking and thinking.

Raffaelo Monti
Italian, 1818–1881
Veiled Lady, c. 1860
Gift of the Collector’s Group Fund 70.60

Who am I?
I am a young virgin whose likeness was captured shortly before my
wedding day.

Who made me?
Raffaelo Monti, a sculptor celebrated for his revival of the stylized
18th-century tradition of veiled portraiture, a difficult art form only
the best marble sculptors could successfully execute.

The transparent covering over my face juxtaposes life and death; the
veil is a representation of new life and beauty, while the shroud is a
symbol of fading beauty and death.

Visitors are encouraged to write a six-word bio for each of the nine Face to Face individuals. See the results for the Veiled Lady.

2 Responses to Face to Face: Veiled Lady

K Lee says: April 6, 2011 at 2:06 pm

My favorite sculpture in the museum for almost 40 years. To me, this is what MIA is all about. Sheer beauty. Inspirational. Talented artists. Priceless works of art shared with the public. When I saw it decades ago, it ws displayed in the main gallery or hallway. Two years ago when I visited, it was hidden away in a far back corner upstairs and that made me sad. I’m so glad you brought this back into the spotlight where it belongs.

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