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Facing the Lens: Cindy Sherman

Posted on by tamsp

Cindy Sherman
American, born 1954
Untitled (MP #212 edition 6/6), 1989
Color photograph
Gift of funds from Andrew Dayton 2010.23
Image: Courtesy of the Artist and Metro Pictures

One of the leading artists working today, Cindy Sherman using herself as a photographic canvas, upon which she projects a vast range of personae. In the late 1970s she produced her breakout body of work, Untitled Film Stills, comprising grainy, black-and-white images of her in scenes suggesting B-movie outtakes. Now shooting in color, she appropriates visual and mass-media forms such as the centerfold, fashion images, history portraits, and pornography. Her highly fabricated images challenge traditional portraiture, involve feminist theory, and are usually simultaneously disturbing and humorous. She continues to live and work in New York.

Facing the Lens: Portraits of Photographers is on view January 21—August 28, 2011 in the Harrison Photography Gallery 365.

Audio Tour
Eight photographers featured as subjects in the show talk about photography and their work. Hear them on your mobile device at

Participate in the Exhibition
Upload your self-portrait or photos of photographers to the MIA’s Facing the Lens group on Flickr. Your photos will be featured in the gallery and also on the MIA’s Web site. Please include your name, title of photo, and the date the photo was taken.
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