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Edo Pop Swaps: Hero by Shunshō

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Katsukawa Shunshō, Ichikawa Yaozō II in the ‘’Shibaraku” Role (detail), 1774


When I yell “Shibaraku!” bad guys halt and fans cheer. With that “Wait a moment!” shout, my role as hero is clear. But there are other clues, too: wigs, costumes, and stage makeup (red lines for heroes, blue for villains). I can play tough guys and tender lovers both.

Jackie Chan
James Bond
Xena the Warrior Princess
Mexican wrestlers

Stop by the MIA the week of November 13 to pick up your Hero by Shunshō trading card. Collect a free new card each week of the “Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints” exhibition. Or buy the complete set at the Museum Shop.

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