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Edo Pop Pick: Gift: Spotted Lilies

Posted on by Minneapolis Institute of Arts

In celebration of Edo Pop, each week, we gave you a taste of the sensuality, fashion, and decadent entertainment of young urban sophisticates of Japan’s pre-modern era. If you haven’t experienced Edo Pop yet (or even if you already have), stop on by the MIA! But hurry–Edo Pop closes January 8th!  Read more about the exhibition here.

We close our weekly Edo Pop Picks with warm wishes of “wealth, prosperity, and longevity” to you!

 Utagawa Hiroshige, 1797–1858, Gift: Spotted Lilies, From the series Flowers as Mitate of Three Ideograms: Wealth, Prosperity, and Longevity, ca. 1844. Color woodblock print (nishiki-e).

Although most of Hiroshige’s fan prints are landscapes, he created a number of series in fan format with floral designs. This fan print is from a series in which three types of flowers stand for three types of good fortune: wealth, prosperity, and longevity. Spotted lilies represent prosperity (roku), which can connote a “gift,” as is made clear in the accompanying inscription.

Spotted lilies among all others

are gifts from heaven because

their roots are edible, delicious and nutritious.

Read more about this print!

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