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ENTRY POSTED Oct 7, 2010

100 Words on James Welling

Periodically, we’ll ask artists and writers to contribute 100 words on featured New Pictures artists. For “New Pictures 3: James Welling’s Glass House,” we have asked photographer Mark Wyse to contribute his 100 words. Based out of Los Angeles, Mark Wyse’s works are included in major museum collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

James Welling

I can’t help thinking, while looking, that James Welling is trying to make the Glass House bleed. But this isn’t right and glass doesn’t bleed.

James Welling in pursuit of making the invisible, visible has taken photography’s most adored trait, its illusion of transparency collapse in on itself. The intellectual and visual allure of Phillip Johnson’s masterpiece of reflection and transparency, the Glass House must have been an irresistible pull. In Welling’s photographs the Glass House becomes a sublimated analogy of photography itself.

Here light and glass unravel into a spectrum of hallucinogenic color.

Looking at the photographs, I quickly feel the presence of James Welling’s body standing, looking, seeing, contaminating and polluting with psychedelic color the pristine, thoughts of Phillip Johnson’s idealism.

In Glass House, not only does photography see itself, it dreams.

-Mark Wyse

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