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ENTRY POSTED Mar 2, 2012

The Sports Show media coverage: Round 2

Dust off your gloves and enter the ring …

Gordon Parks, Close-up of Muhammad Ali's fists, 1966Gordon Parks, American 1912-2006
Muhammad Ali, 1966
Courtesy of The Gordon Parks Foundation and Howard Greenberg Gallery
© The Gordon Parks Foundation


The tempo of The Sports Show coverage picks up with an interview of curator David Little on Kare 11.  Little describes the communication of athletics through images, and the shift of sports imagery from leisure to spectacle as photographs tighten with a heightened feel of participation.

Twin Cities Metro tossed their man in the ring, observing that the combination of these works reveals “an exhibit that shows art and sports really aren’t mutually exclusive after all.”

Don’t forget about the free Gallery 365 companion exhibition, The Sports Show: Minnesota.  Did you check out the competition at The Sports Show:  Sports Memories flickr pool?  You haven’t entered yet?  Choose a favorite personal sports photo for a chance to win a free catalog.


Pull on your roller skates or lace up your sneakers!  Tickets are available (free for members) through May 13th.  Don’t miss a piece of the action with these sporty works by Thomas Eakins, Gordon Parks, Tim Davis, and Paul Pfeiffer’s sound-and-video installation on the 1966 World Cup soccer final between West Germany and England.

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