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ENTRY POSTED Mar 20, 2012

BreakThru Radio explores The Sports Show

Thomas Seely, of weekly online radio show Art Uncovered, takes a deeper look into The Sports Show, asking why  sports and the visual arts often fail to coincide in academic discussion.   Featured are pieces such as those by Eadweard Muybridge, Alexander Rodchenko and Kota Ezawa.  With the help of curator David Little, audio overlays from Paul Pfeiffer’s The Saints and a Muhammad Ali interview as well as musical interludes, Seely’s program reveals thoughtful angles on the exhibition.



Check your chains and  pump up those tiresSports Show Tickets are available (free for members) through May 13th.

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  1. Lina says:

    Martin Parr will be one of three featured pgehohraptors at the Festival of the Photographers (others include Sylvia Plachy and Gilles Peress) this June in Charlottesville VA. This is the third year and it is a wonderful three days of photography in a gorgeous setting. I sort of share your feelings re: Parr’s work and I am very interested in hearing his presentation. I had a similar feeling re: Joel Peter Witkin last year. After hearing and meeting him, I understood his work much better and found him one of the most interesting and entertaining people I’ve ever met. You should try to attend.