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ENTRY POSTED Apr 27, 2012

Martin Parr’s list of Photographic Clichés

We all succumb to clichés and photographers are no exception.  A seemingly striking composition may be due to familiarity with common image culture and history as much as a moment of genius.  Martin Parr outlines 13 photographic cliché categories for image-makers to be aware of–and possibly embrace with careful attention–if not avoid.  Parr appreciates much work falling under the clichéd headings, but urges artists to push their subject examination beyond the recognizable photographic lineage.  Before heading out to make pictures, or perhaps, while revisiting recent work, photographers may want to browse for and reconsider any new old images of that Nostalgic Gaze, among other standards.


New Pictures 6:  Martin Parr runs though Sunday, August 5th, 2012


Jen Dolen, Photography & New Media intern

Category: New Pictures 6: Martin Parr


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