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ENTRY POSTED May 22, 2012

Jason Fulford’s mushrooms sprout on Aperture Magazine cover

The Photography & New Media department and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts wishes congratulations to New Pictures 5 artist Jason Fulford for his recognition in Aperture’s summer issue.  A non-profit dedicated to promoting the development and appreciation of photography, Aperture was founded in 1952 by Ansel Adams, Minor White, Dorothea Lange and Barbara Morgan, and it continues to advance great work in imagery.


Jason’s Mushroom Project is featured on the cover of the upcoming Issue 207, along with a six-page spread of photographs from his New Pictures installation, shots of his mushrooms in multiple galleries throughout the MIA, and an interview with the artist, “Jason Fulford:  Mushroom Collector.”



If you missed Jason’s exhibition at the MIA, watch a synopsis here.  The issue also includes New Pictures 6 artist Martin Parr on location in Atlanta, in Up and Down Peachtree.


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  1. congratulations for recognition in Aperture. I Saw the Jason’s exhibition, it is very useful and informative.