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New Pictures 5 artist Jason Fulford & Olympics pics

Posted Aug 14, 2012

Watch for photographs by former New Pictures artist, Jason Fulford, in the next Harper’s magazine issue.  Jason just returned from shooting the Olympics in London.  His photographs will appear with text by award-winning writer and journalist, Geoff Dyer.  Dyer’s 2005 book, The Ongoing Moment, offers a history of photography via the metaphorical encounters of famous photographers, from the perspective of a writer who admits he doesn’t even own a camera.


In the meantime, here are some great New York Times images from the Olympics this summer.

Jason Fulford’s mushrooms sprout on Aperture Magazine cover

Posted May 22, 2012

The Photography & New Media department and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts wishes congratulations to New Pictures 5 artist Jason Fulford for his recognition in Aperture’s summer issue.  A non-profit dedicated to promoting the development and appreciation of photography, Aperture was founded in 1952 by Ansel Adams, Minor White, Dorothea Lange and Barbara Morgan, and it continues to advance great work in imagery.


Jason’s Mushroom Project is featured on the cover of the upcoming Issue 207, along with a six-page spread of photographs from his New Pictures installation, shots of his mushrooms in multiple galleries throughout the MIA, and an interview with the artist, “Jason Fulford:  Mushroom Collector.”



If you missed Jason’s exhibition at the MIA, watch a synopsis here.  The issue also includes New Pictures 6 artist Martin Parr on location in Atlanta, in Up and Down Peachtree.


Mushroom Fever

Posted Dec 8, 2011

When I began to discuss a “New Pictures 5” exhibition in the Linda and Lawrence Perlman Gallery (262) with Jason Fulford, featuring mushroom photographs he found at a flea market, I never imagined that the mushrooms would accumulate and spread. By the time we finished the installation, the mushrooms were located throughout the MIA’s collection. This caused a bit of confusion, a great deal of enthusiasm, and even a little bit of trouble. What would you expect from mushrooms?

There are 13 mushroom photographs sprouting among works of art in the Asian, African, decorative arts, and contemporary collections at the MIA. Some are hidden and others are more obvious. Each mushroom picture marks what might be called a twist in the perception of the permanent collection. I don’t want to explain what these mushrooms produce because how can you explain mushrooms? I might be better off explaining pictures to a dead hare.  But below are a few images of the mushroom installations. You decide whether you want to pick them, eat them, or just walk on by.



Lecture: The Mushroom Collection

Posted Nov 29, 2011

Jason Fulford

Thursday, December 1, 2011

6 – 7 p.m.

Pillsbury Auditorium

A few years ago, a friend gave artist Jason Fulford a manila envelope, found at a flea market. The envelope contained 80 photographs of mushrooms, each composed and annotated with the care of someone who just had to be a mushroom collector. These anonymous photographs inspired Fulford to create his own collection of photographs, publications, sculptures, and performances, all under the umbrella of the Soon Institute. Similar to the lifecycle of mushrooms, the project goes underground and periodically sprouts up in various artistic forms (including The Mushroom Collector, a book he published in 2010), in unexpected locations, such as New York, California, and Amsterdam.

Fulford’s pictures appear to be unremarkable shots of commonplace objects, people, and places. Yet a closer look reveals humorous and subtle oddities. Fulford’s images reveal themselves through repetition, sequences, and relationships between form and shadow, abstraction and reality. His work is now on view in “New Pictures 5″ in Gallery 262.

Fulford is a photographer and co-founder of the publishing house J&L Books in Atlanta / New York, and the author of several titles. He has lectured widely, and is a contributing editor to Blind Spot magazine. Fulford’s photographs have been featured in magazines and books.

$15; $10 MIA members, free to members of the Photography and New Media Affinity Group

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Image: Jason Fulford, American, b. 1973, Untitled, 1967-72, Chromogenic print