Minneapois Institute of Arts
New Pictures at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

NP8 – Sarah Jones

New Pictures 8: Sarah Jones
Thursday, April 18, 2013—Sunday, October 6, 2013. Linda and Lawrence Perlman Gallery (368). Free Exhibition

British artist Sarah Jones, well known for her carefully staged photographs of domestic scenes from the late 1990s, presents thirteen photographs, including three diptychs, from a new and diverse body of work dating from 2007 to the present. Nine photographs are shown in this gallery and six in the Regis Fountain Court on the second floor. For New Pictures 8, Jones chose a range of subjects—horses, rose gardens, psychoanalysts’ consulting rooms and drawing studios—to highlight the ways photography articulates space and frames its subjects.

Jones has always been interested in the formal dimensions of photography, seen in the powerful allure of her images’ clarity, composition, and print quality. This draws attention to the medium’s illusions, allusions and enigmatic spaces, particularly in two large-scale diptychs—one of a horse and the other of a single rose bush. In Horse (profile)(black)(II) & (III), 2013, the photographs are two views of a majestic horse that appears compressed within a room. A doubling minimizing the animal’s actual, monumental scale. In The Rose Gardens (display: III/white) (II) & (III), 2008, the same rose bush is seen from the front and the back, so that viewers can contemplate both viewpoints simultaneously.

Jones who has been photographing psychoanalysts’ therapy rooms since 1997, examines the implied psychological charge of these spaces. In Analyst (Couch) (I), 2008, a couch covered with a simple red blanket bears the imprint of patient(s) who we might imagine shared their thoughts, fears, joys, and anxieties. In Arrangement (Analyst)(I), 2007, objects carefully arranged by the analyst become a soothing, still life for the patient.

Jones’s photographs are part of the fourth year of “New Pictures,” a semi-annual series dedicated to showcasing vital experiments in photography and new media by artists from around the world. Jones, who earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at Goldsmiths College in London, has been exhibiting internationally for over twenty years. She is represented by Maureen Paley, London and Anton Kern Gallery, New York, and is also a tutor at the Royal College of Art in London.

Generous support for New Pictures is provided by the W. Duncan and Nivin MacMillan Foundation. Photographs on view courtesy Maureen Paley, London, and Anton Kern Gallery, New York.