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Young People's Ofrenda Project 2009

Students for Week 3 Get Vid Cameras

Published on September 30, 2009

I visited the students the other day. I picked up week 2 vid cameras and gave week 3 students their vid cameras; we should see week 2 vids on the blog early next week. There is a lot more energy in the class since the last time I visited. The students have really dived into their ofrendas, and the energy is both refreshing and uncontrolled at the same time. These teenage students are helping each other, giving advice, and talking about their projects.

PICT0023Here the art teacher, Gustavo, discusses the artistic joys of Fimo to the students.  Ever work with it?  It is really good stuff.  The students will use the material for their ofrendas.

PICT0029Gustavo going over some ideas for the ofrenda with one of the students.  By the way, the student shown is videoing this week, and you can see Olga on the background.  Her video has already been posted.

PICT0026I think they are working with Fimo . . . . .

PICT0030One of the students who is videoing this week is giving a narrative of her ofrenda. I think her video will be good—let’s look for it early next week.

PICT0031I am not sure which student this ofrenda belongs to, but I think it may be a tribute to Michael Jackson.

The last group of students come to the museum for a tour tomorrow.  I will keep you posted.

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