> Students for Week 4 Get Vid Cameras – Young People's Ofrenda Project 2009

Young People's Ofrenda Project 2009

Students for Week 4 Get Vid Cameras

Published on October 6, 2009

Mike and I visited the school yesterday and collected the vid cameras from the students of week 3, and distributed the vid cameras to the students for week 4.  This will be the final group that get cameras.  For the previous weeks, small groups (3-6) of students received vid cameras and blogged about that week’s topic.  For week 4 all students received vid cameras to document the progress of their ofrenda.  This group includes the students of the previous weeks.  Mike had a larger group of students to train on how to work the vid cameras.


Students who had vid cameras in the previous weeks helped the new students.


One element that we decided to add for week 4 was to incorporate the students who participate in after school activities.  So there will be two groups blogging the creation of their ofrendas; the ofrenda class and the after school group.  Reed discusses the requirements to complete the after school project to the students.


I looked at the progress of a couple of ofrendas while I was there, and the student’s visit to the museum has had some influence on their work.  This clay figure:


certainly looks like it was inspired from by the Nayarit House Group that they have seen before.  Here is a detail of the object:


Lastly, many students are working with clay for their ofrenda, with some great results.  Gustavo the art teacher is shown here giving Maria some pointers in working with the material.


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  1. Amanda says:

    Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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