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Young People's Ofrenda Project

Video – Week 3: Final Narrative – David

Published on October 26, 2010

Week 3: Final Narrative – David
With their ofrendas near completion, students create their final video projects They also write narratives about their ofrendas, which are used as the label texts for the exhibition.

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2 comments on ‘Video – Week 3: Final Narrative – David’

  1. Sheri Bauers says:

    I admire your ofrenda. I hope that Mathea can learn about her grandfather. He seems very interesting. I wish I had met your father, too.

    Abrazos, Jerez

  2. Sheri Bauers says:


    I wrote my response entirely en espanol (in Spanish); let’s see if it does it again, and the website translated it back into English! Argh!

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