Humboldt Secondary School is Off and Running!

We took an afternoon and visited Humboldt Secondary School to see the progress of their ofrendas. There are two classes that are working on this project at the same time, Mr. Elizondo’s and Ms. Millazzo’s students are making great headway. They have chosen their topics and are painting their wooden crates. The teacher remarks, “The crates have been delivered and the students are hard at work generating ideas for their Ofrenda. After viewing past Ofrendas, they are excited to get started,” Steve Elizondo- Art Teacher.

Mr. Elizondo's Art Class

Ms. Milazzo's Art Class

There are several students who have started painting the details for their ofrenda, and next week they will gather materials and start to glue items in. There were a wide variety of subjects; family members, fellow students, General Vang Pao, Sitting Bull, and Marilyn Monroe. It is great to see a wide variety of subjects. Clearly, the students have given the question on the blackboard some thought: