Phase 2: Turn Ideas into Images

As the second week of this project comes to a close, an update from Humboldt High School is in order. This week’s focus has been “turn ideas into images,” and the students have been using their work during phase one as a guide. Using the materials in the Ofrenda Teacher’s Guide, Art teacher Mr. Elizondo, has his students develop their ideas on a worksheet before they start to video record their thoughts.

Many of the students have already painted their wooden crates and have started to add photographs of their subjects.

And of some of the painting is very detailed:

Or in progress:

We will be following the progress of several ofrendas as they come together, and this week’s focus is the work that honors the famous Hunkpapa Lakota Sitting Bull (Tatonka-Iyatanka).

Mr. Elizondo and the student discuss her Sitting Bull ofrenda

In her work, she has cleverly painted the four sides of the crates white, red, black, yellow. These colors are often referred to as the four sacred colors that symbolize the four directions among Native American traditionalists. We’ll check in next week to see how it is progressing.

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