Phase 3: Create a Personal Ofrenda

As you can see by previous posts, this week’s topic for the students is to create a personal ofrenda. For the past several weeks, the students have been brainstorming for ideas, seeing the topics for previous ofrendas, researching their own topics, and doing preliminary work on their shrine. This week the students have gotten down to business and have started to decorate their ofrenda with personal objects that include photographs, beads, ceramic sculptures, drawings, and other items.

Before we get to the photos of the Humboldt High School student’s work, Art teacher Ms. Millazzo asks:

We would love to hear how the project is going for your students. Please feel free to comment below.

The Humboldt students have been making great progress on their project, and several ofrendas have been updated since last week.

She is tying small paper flowers on the outer edge of her work.

I honestly have no idea the topic of this ofrenda, but it is graphically rich. I can hardly wait to read the labels that the student will write.

The student’s Phase 2 videos will be uploaded within the next few days, so be sure and see the group from Phase 1.