Exhibition opens!

Yesterday the Art Crew at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts spent most of the day installing the student ofrendas in the gallery. With 60 labels and a video screen that features the students’ narrative, the exhibition is now open to the public.

The exhibition will be open until Dec 4, 2011. The next event is a private party at the museum that celebrates the opening of the exhibition and honors the 60 student artists. Families and school administrators will be part of this event. Stay tuned for an update soon.

Almost Showtime!

We’re so close to the finish line! On our last visit with El Colegio, students were full of excitement as they wrapped up their projects. Here’s a VIP sneak peek at the nearly finished ofrendas. Don’t forget to get an up close and personal look when the ofrendas are on display November 1st through December 4th at the MIA!

Oscar represents Guatemala with his blue and white ofrenda


Angel paints a different kind of Starry Night!


Poner tus ideas en imágenes | Turning Ideas into Images at El Colegio

To see students’ ofrenda designs at El Colegio High School develop from the initial steps of gathering ancestral information, to laying out their visions on paper, is like seeing the inside of machine in motion. Take a look as they: work on their bocetos, the Spanish word for sketches; begin painting; and select familial objects to make their ofrendas their very own.

El Colegio instructor explaining to the class the importance of planning out their designs

Students planning ofrenda designs

Students prepping their crates for painting

El Colegio Class unleashing their creativity

Student Melisandra finds objects to represent her abuelito

Many students have been captivated by imagery of la noche, the night sky

Student-made skulls will adorn their ofrendas


Phase One: Honor Ancestors student videos are now uploaded! You can see them here, and the students would love to know your thoughts on their work.

El Colegio High School visits the MIA

Fifteen energetic ninth graders from El Colegio High School visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts last Wednesday for a tour. Students had the opportunity to view objects in the museum’s collections on the theme of honoring ancestors. Their tour led them around the world in the span of only a few hundred feet and their interests were piqued by the many similarities various cultures share in regards to honoring ancestors. As we observed the students scribbling away on their notepads, we hoped the tour spurred some great imagery for them to use in their own ofrenda creations. Stay tuned!

Spanish-speaking tour guide, Maria (second from the left) prepares to tour the students from El Colegio High School.

Interested in Spanish language tours at the MIA? Go here for more information.