Claudia’s Ofrenda

born 1993
My Father, 2011
Mixed media

My father, Miguel Avila passed away on New Years Day 1993. He suffered from cirrhosis and was in a coma for 2 years. He was a great man, a hard worker who always put bread on the table for his children. He played guitar with a group that performed in restaurants and on special occasions. After they would perform, the group would usually have a drink, he had a habit of smoking. This habit led to his heart problems and he began to get very sick. It put him in a coma.

In my ofrenda I offer my father his drink and cigarettes. It’s a tradition to light a candle to light the way for the person who passed away and add their favorite foods and hobbies. I put an empanada and flowers to honor him. I have a sun and a moon because day and night I know he is watching over me. The moon is crying because I miss him when I look up at the sky. Purple is just traditional for the dead but I added a little pink because I was his last little girl he saw before leaving to heaven.

I feel hurt inside that he is not here to guide me and teach me good from wrong. My sisters say he was a tough man but I always thought tough love is for those you really care about. I wish I could celebrate Father’s Day although we are apart, he will always be in my heart.

Mi Padre, 2011
Medios mixtos

Mi padre, Miguel Avila, se murió en el año nuev del 1993. Suffriō de una enfermedad mada cirrosis. Estuvo en un coma durante dos años. Era un buen hombre muy buen trabajador. El tocaba la guitara en un grupo. Tocaban en retaurantes y eventos especiales. Después tomaban unas bebidos. A mi padre le gustaba fumar esto le causa su enfermedad y quedo internado en el hospital per dos años.

En mi ofrenda le ofrezco sus cigarillos, una tequila y una veladora para alumbra su camino; su pan favorito, una empanada y flores en su honor. La luna y el sol es porque día y noche él me cuida. La luna orra por que él no esta conmigo. El color rosa es porque yo era su niña pequeña cuando él se murió.

Me duele saber que no tengo padre. Mis hermanas me dicen que él era enojado pero es porque nos quiería mucho. Aunque no esta aqui siempre estara en mi corazón.