Donesha’s Ofrenda

born 1995
The Unforgettable Grandmother, 2011
Flowers, candles, skulls, photo

I dedicated my ofrenda to my grandma, Molly Adams. Even though she wasn’t my grandma by blood, she still had the characteristics of a grandmother. From when I first came to foster care at 6 to the day she died, she was there for me. She was also like a grandma to all the other people in the neighborhood.

I decided to dedicate this to her because she was like family to us. I didn’t know a whole lot about her, but what little I do know is that she was always there for me. She was a very wise woman and my mother’s best friend.

Inside my ofrenda, the most important part is the flowers because she loved them so much. She collected all kinds, she and my mom. I painted the whole background white because she’s bright and uplifting, although her favorite color was beige. The flags on the side represent that she’s from Mexico. The flowers and the pot of beans represent that she liked to eat beans like I do. The heart behind her photo is because everybody loved her and she was loving. Overall the bright colors are for her happiness.

La Abuela Inovidable, 2011
Flores, velas, calavera, foto

Yo dedico esta ofrenda a mi abuela, Molly Adams. La ofrenda esta dedicada a mi abuela porque ella era muy cariñosa y era como familia a mi aunque no éramos familiares verdero. Yo no sé mucho sobre ella. Ella era inteligente y buena amiga de mi madre.

En el interior de mi ofrenda, era importante incluir las flores porque a ella le gustaban mucho. Yo pintó la ofrenda blanca porque su personalidad era muy brillante, pero su color favorito era beige. La bandera representa que ella era de México. Ella le gustaba los colores brillantes y ellos signífican que mi abuela estaba siempre feliz.