Visitas guiadas en español

Invitamos a todos a participar en las visitas guiadas en español de la exposición “Ofrendas de los jóvenes: celebración de la vida y de la memoria.” El domingo 18 de noviembre a la 1:00pm Los jueves 15 y 29 de noviembre a las 6:30pm Se reúnen en la Information Desk del museo (primer piso). Gratis.

One Hundred Miles, One More Week

Through homecoming, a fire drill, and the usual hazards of art (hot glue accidents in particular), Austin students have this week pulled into the final stretch of making their ofrendas. Most have only detail work to finish, like Gabe and his Cat in the Hat. You’ll recall Gabe’s tribute to Dr. Seuss from an earlier [...]

Finishing Touches at Edison High School

This week Edison students will select 15 Ofrendas to travel to the museum; artists made the last touches on their memorials Wednesday morning, spending the period with glue, paint, clay and sequins in hand. Finished Ofrendas lay stacked on the counter– looking at them, you can begin to imagine what the exhibition at the museum [...]

We Want to Hear from You!

This past August more than a dozen educators participated in a workshop at the museum, where they learned about the Young People’s Ofrendas project and got resources and ideas to take back to the classroom. Are you using the Teacher’s Guide for Young People’s Ofrendas? Are your students creating ofrendas for exhibition at your school? [...]

Deeply Personal Reflections from Thomas Edison HS

Edison’s ofrendas are full of deeply personal reflections on the lives of the students’ deceased relatives and friends. Each object they bring in or create means something special. Jennifer honored her mother by creating a beautiful starry sky. She painted her ofrenda midnight blue, draped silver spangles from the crate’s ceiling and sculpted a crescent [...]

Inspiration for Creating a Personal Ofrenda – El Colegio, Phase 3

After their field trip to the museum last week, we visited with students at El Colegio to find out what they discovered that interested them. It took a little coaxing, but eventually students shared some of the highlights from their visit. It turns out, their interests are quite varied. Below is a selection of works [...]

Bob Marley, El Santo, and More

Students at El Colegio are working on Phase 2  of the Young People’s Ofrendas project – Turning Ideas Into Images. They are sketching, sculpting, writing, and researching as they make artistic decisions about how to best represent the people they have chosen to honor with their ofrendas. Some students find it easier to write about [...]

El Colegio ‘Día de los Muertos’ Art Class

Many of the students in the Day of the Dead art class at El Colegio have selected the subjects for their ofrendas; a few are undecided. On a recent visit to the class, students shared their strategies for learning more about the person they plan to honor. Some will interview family members, others have personal [...]