Young People’s Ofrendas Exhibition Is Now Open!

The art crew spent part of Friday and Monday installing the works of art and the videos of the artists talking about their work. Today is the first day the exhibition opens. Please take some time and visit the museum to see these inspiring ofrendas.   This photo represents only a few ofrendas in the [...]

The Ofrendas Are In The House!

All of the ofrendas, from four different schools, have been picked up by MIA staff and are now in the museum. Today and tomorrow they will  be photographed, cataloged and uploaded to the blog. Friday and possibly Monday, the installation process will begin. Everything will be finished Oct 23rd. Dan D, the head MIA photographer, [...]

Humboldt Finishing Phase 3

Humboldt High School is finishing up Phase Three: Create a Personal Ofrenda this week and their artist statements. With less than 2 weeks until their work is brought to the museum, there is an energy of urgency in the air.  Several students are adding their final touches to their work and a few details. This [...]

Austin High School Works on Phase Three

As the project progresses towards its final stages, Austin students have been hard at work crafting unique and unusual details for their ofrendas. Where most crates are a riot of color, Olivia’s is entirely monochrome– her grandfather was colorblind! She owns his beautiful, red leather-bound copy of Lewis’ Mere Christianity, but didn’t want to leave [...]

Phase Two Videos Are Up!

Phase Two-Turning Ideas Into Images, are up! You can find them here.

Week 2 at Humboldt High School

Phase 2 of the project, “Turning Ideas into Images” is well underway at Humboldt High School. Mr. Elizondo discussed what makes a great ofrenda to his class. Here’s the work that he was discussing. It is from a student in another class, and still in production. Armed with ideas, the students surveyed available material in [...]

El Colegio Students Visit the Institute

The students who are participating on the Young People’s Ofrenda project from El Colegio Charter School visited the museum yesterday and had a custom tour by one of the great tour guides (learn more about MIA tours here). They learned how cultures throughout the world created objects and artwork to honor those who have passed [...]

Humboldt High School is Off and Running

Last week’s visit to Humboldt High School was our first introduction to the class. The vast majority of the students have decided the topic of their ofrendas. They are setting the “stage” for their ofrenda, but painting the background and outside of their crate. This week they will start to hunt down items for their [...]

Edison High School Kicks Off Ofrenda Project!

We met with the Spanish class from Edison High School this Wednesday to kick off the first phase of the Ofrenda project. Students split into small groups and discussed (in Spanish!) the role of ancestors in the Day of the Dead and the importance of honoring the deceased. Ms. Davis and intern Emily spoke with [...]

Austin High School Receives Their Crates

The crates are here… and Austin High School started work on their ofrendas last Monday! The classroom buzzed with discussion as Mr. Brobeck and his student teacher, Emily, went from table to table. Students brainstormed lists of ancestors, friends, family and famous people, from grandfathers to Tupac. Some young artists had already sketched plans for [...]