12 April 2010 Advisory Panel Communication

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

13 April 2010

Note to Minnesota Artist Community: Update on MAEP Advisory Panel

In September 2008, the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program created a temporary Advisory Panel to facilitate negotiations between the MIA and the Minnesota artist community. Its function, as stated on the MAEP Web site, was defined as follows:

  • The Advisory Panel will consist of four people. The only requirement is that each has served previously on the Artist Panel.
  • The Advisory Panel will be selected by an online vote.
  • The initial tenure of the Advisory Panel will be for a period of six months. After that period, it will be determined if the panel needs to be active for longer.
  • The Advisory Panel and the Artist Panel will work with the administration of the MIA to define the future relationship between the artist community and the MIA as it pertains to MAEP.
  • The Artist Panel will independently continue to select exhibitions for the upcoming year.

In addition to this, the Advisory Panel worked closely with MIA staff during the interview and hiring process of the new MAEP coordinator.

In January 2010, the Advisory Panel proposed two permanent models, which it presented to the Artist Panel and MAEP staff. After reviewing and discussing both proposals, the Artist Panelists and MAEP staff were unanimous in the decision that the Advisory Panel is unnecessary for the ongoing administration of the MAEP.

Nonetheless, the MAEP Artist Panel and staff continue to consider many of the suggestions that were made at annual meetings and in subsequent discussions. As a group we are working on these items, which include: the effort to find additional ways of expanding the museum’s support of Minnesota artists; making all panelists’ and staff contact information available to the artist community in order to field questions or bring concerns to the panel’s attention through direct e-mails and phone calls; and the possibility of holding an additional meeting at which artists can learn more about the program, speak directly to panelists and staff, and have an opportunity to connect with their colleagues.

The Advisory Panel played a vital role during this recent transition period. Its experience and insights were invaluable during the hiring process of the new coordinator. We hope that you will join us in thanking the members of the Advisory Panel—Irve Dell, Carole Fisher, Wayne Potratz, and Jim Tanner—for their contributions.

The following letter is our detailed response to those proposals, signed by the MAEP coordinator, MAEP associate, and Artist Panelists. The two Advisory Panel proposals can be viewed here.

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