Dancing between the Known and the Magical

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artists: Gary Erickson and Brian Frink
August 19 - October 16, 1994
Minnesota Artists Gallery

This exhibition featured earthenware sculpture by Gary Erickson and encaustic paintings by Brian Frink. The work of both artists demonstrates a sensitivity and response to the cycles of nature and life. Gary Erickson, whose enigmatic spirals reflect the energy and motion of the animate world, is primarily concerned with revealing a universal life force. Although Erickson never attempts to replicate nature, his work strongly suggests living things. They mysterious biomorphic forms that populate Brian Frink's work grows out of his desire to evoke the memory of things and a process that involves the application, removal, and layering of image. His approach reveals not only the finished work but also the “process space”-that is, the evolution (or “history”) of the image.

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