Earth, Water, Air, and Fire

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artists: 63 Minnesota Artists
May 31 - November 17, 1996
Minnesota Artists Gallery

“Earth, water, air, and fire have inspired artistic works since ancient times. A creative relationship with these four elements can deepen our understanding of life itself." With this idea in mind, MAEP's Artist Panel invited all Minnesota artist to submit work in one of four categories: earth, water, air, or fire. Nearly 300 artists responded with entries, from which 63 artists were chosen to participate in four distinct exhibitions. Each of the exhibit presented diverse speculations about the natural world through a wide range of media, including paintings, drawings, photographs, computer-generated images, ceramic sculptures, mixed-media constructions, cast bronzes, site-specific installations, textiles, performance art, films, and videos.

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(May 31-June 30, 1996)
Cheryl Walsh Belleville, Daniel Bruggeman, Mary Carroll, Jil Evans, Chris Faust, John Finkler, Barbara D. Hultmann, Kate Hunt, Mark Knierim, David Lefkowitz, Elijah Sproles, Laura Stack, and Lauren Stringer.

(July 12 - August 11, 1996)
Erik Budd, Rosemary Dunbar, Gary Erickson, Robert Finkler, Jana Freiband, Tim Harding, Wendy Lane, Rea Mingeva, Andrea Myklebust, David M. Olkon, Wayne E. Potratz, Satyarthi, Tom Schroeder, Stanton G. Sears, Jacob Sinn, and Gordon Stettinius.

(August 23 - September 22, 1996)
Shannon Brady, Patricia Canelake, Jill Ewald, Michael Kareken, Abigail and Michael Mouw, Bruce Nygren, Jim Ockuly, M.A. Papanek-Miller, Robert A. Perkins, Barbara Bell Smith, Shawn Smith, Krista Spieler, Jean and Joan Strommer, Janice Doroff Tanner, Rita Thelemann, Dean Trisko, and Jantje Visscher.

(October 11 - November 17, 1996)
Roger Allen-Wickler, Bernice Ficek-Swenson, Tamara Fox, David Hall, Karen Haselmann, Jeffrey Hirst, Roger E. Kast, Ruth Kolman Brophy, Suzanne Kosmalski, Jeff Loehlein, Dean Lucker, Michelle C. McCreery, Howard Lee Oransky, Deborah Sigel, and Karoline Wileczek.

Related Events

  • Film screening (Desert Dive - Inn, 1995, by Tom Schroeder, July 11, 1996).
  • Film screening (Night Garden, 1995, by Jean and Joan Strommer, August 22, 1996).
  • Performance (Premiere of Saturn, a pyrotechnical performance by David Hall, October 10, 1996).
  • Video screening (RadiOasis, 1995, by Jim Ockuly, August 22, 1996).
  • Family Day ("It's Elementary - Earth, Water, Air, and Fire,” exhibition-related activities at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts for kids and families, September 22, 1996).

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