Human Nature

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artist: Frank Sander
July 16 - September 5, 1999
Minnesota Artists Gallery

“One Earth, one chance” is the eco-imperative that links Frank Sander's philosophy with his work. Sander-German artist transplanted to America-believes adamantly that the environment must be our primary issue if we are to survive. His multimedia installation “Human Nature” was a meditation on the separation between human beings and nature. Three architectural components-Fishhouse, Bathhouse, and Beaverhouse-offered distinct symbolic and sensory experiences. Fishhouse speaks to the container of time and the socialization of the human soul. Beaverhouse comments on our calculated, often ruthless exploitation of nature. Bathhouse-more hopeful-suggests that we can find our way back.

Accompanying the installation was a CD-ROM designed and produced by new-media artists Ove Sander and Tobias Aderhold of Hamburg, Germany. It offered both museum visitors and those unable to visit the gallery an opportunity to interact with the artwork, learn about Frank Sander, and exchange ideas about his work.

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  • Opening Reception: Thursday, July 15, 1999 in the Minnesota Artists Gallery.

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