I Wuv You

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Organizer: Frank Gaard
Artists: Melba Price, Bruce Tapola, Oakley Tapola
February 19 – April 11, 1993
Minnesota Artists Gallery

Artist and writer Frank Gaard conceived of and organized this nuclear-family production, which featured new work by Melba Price, Bruce Tapola and their six-year-old daughter, Oakley Tapola. I Wuv You presented a unique opportunity to witness the workings of a family centered around art. The exhibited works referred to notions of family history and featured figurative drawings by Melba, drawings and paintings by Bruce, collaborative site-specific pieces by the two (including an eighteen-foot-tall drawing of a Neanderthal family and a floor-to-ceiling installation of 100 individual drawings of heads) and numerous drawings and paintings by Oakley, which were hung at a child’s eye level.

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