Journey to the Surface of the Earth

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, Tetrascroll, 2008, Paper
Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, Tetrascroll, 2008, Paper

Artists: Margaret Pezalla-Granlund and Max Schollett
November 14, 2008 - January 4, 2009 MAEP Galleries

Margaret Pezalla-Granlund's and Max Schollett's works begin with common objects. Pezalla-Granlund has explored icebergs, parking ramps and skate parks. She recreates these objects in paper, photographing them at various stages of construction and deconstruction. Observing these mathematical models and their relationship to the geometry of our real world, she documents the complexities of navigating the spaces around us.

Max Schollett explores the relationship between effort, value and aesthetics in his altered objects through an intense focus of time and labor. Objects hover on the precipice between literal and acquired meaning, so that the object exists between the everyday and the unfamiliar.


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