From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Aritst: Judith Onofrio
April 29 – July 4, 1993
Minnesota Artists Gallery

This site-specific installation by artist/collector Judith Onofrio reflected her lifelong fascination with the works of naive and visionary artists and was partially inspired by her Great Aunt Trude, who worked outside of the art mainstream for close to ninety years. Trude's unorthodox approach to collecting, gardening, and artmaking instilled in Judy an appreciation for the obsessive and has fueled her perpetual search for wonders in places like the Watts Towers, the Dickeyville Grotto and Minnesota’s flea markets. Judyland combined these passions with Judy’s sensitivity for personal spaces, her love of stories and her dedication to the production of artistic objects. The exhibition contained literally thousands of collected things, and featured wild architectural constructions, magical icons, and object-encrusted shrines and temples.

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