MAEP Annual Meeting

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program


Annual Meeting Notice
Attention Minnesota Artists

Saturday, October 25, 2008
10:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 Third Avenue South
(612) 870-3108

The Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program is an artist-managed curatorial department of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts devoted to the exhibition of works by Minnesota artists. Over all program policy and exhibition selection for the MAEP are determined by a panel of seven artists elected by and from the state’s artist community. Annual programming includes five gallery installations, publications, and exhibition-related events.

All artists who live and work in Minnesota are welcome to participate in the program by attending the Annual Meeting and taking part in the election of panel members, and by submitting slides and exhibition proposals for panel review.

The Annual Meeting
All Minnesota artists are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting of the MAEP. The purposes of the meeting are to report on the activities of the past year, to discuss the program, and to elect four new members to the artist panel. Three of those artists must live within the Twin Cities metro area, and one must live in greater Minnesota.

The Artist Panel
The artist panel of the MAEP serves and represents Minnesota’s artist community. The seven-member panel reflects the artist population of the state: approximately 70 percent reside in the Twin Cities seven-county metro area and are represented by five artists, while 30 percent reside in greater Minnesota and are represented by two artists. Each panelist serves a two-year term. Half of the panel rotates each year to ensure new ideas and continuity.

Panelists’ Duties

  • Attend monthly meetings held at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
  • Become familiar with the works of Minnesota artists
  • Select exhibitions using established procedures
  • Guide the direction and development of the MAEP

Nomination and Election Procedure
Candidates may be nominated by mail before the meeting or from the floor at the meeting. There will not be a prepared slate. To be placed on the ballot, nominees must be at the meeting to accept the nomination. At the meeting, nominees will have the opportunity to make a statement about themselves and their interest in the program. Voting will take place after these statements. The election will be decided by a majority vote of the artists present.

To nominate an artist by mail for the MAEP panel, send the nominee’s name to:

MAEP Annual Meeting
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 Third Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404-3596

Please make sure this person knows that her or his name has been placed in nomination, understands the duties of a panelist, and will be present at the Annual Meeting to accept the nomination.


10:30 Registration and coffee in the Target Wing Lobby

11:00 Report on the MAEP

11:10 Remarks and questions about the current agreement between the MAEP panels and the MIA

11:25 Open discussion

Noon Ballot preparation; acknowledgement of mailed nominations; nominations from the floor; opportunity for candidates to speak

12:45 Break to meet the candidates; vote; announcement of election results

Call the MAEP at (612) 870-3108 or email