MAEP Exhibition Proposals

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Exhibition review is ongoing. Artists may submit proposals at any time. Proposals should include all of the following:

  • A general artist statement, of 500 words or less, outlining each artist’s thematic and formal interests.
  • A focused statement, of 500 words or less, describing the goals, rationale, and focus of the proposed exhibition.
  • Up to 12 digital images of each artist’s work.
    • Include images on a disc labeled with your name, e-mail address and phone number; do not e-mail images
    • Files should be 72 dpi jpegs, no larger than 1000 × 800 pixels.
  • An image list that includes the following for each work:
    • Artist
    • Title, series (if applicable)
    • Date
    • Medium
    • Dimensions (h × w × d).

Please note: Links to Web sites are not acceptable work samples. Do not send original artwork; the MAEP will not accept or be responsible for proposals that include sketchbooks, portfolios, prints, paintings, or sculptures. If you would like your disc returned, please include a SASE. Otherwise, the MAEP will not return photo materials.

Mail Proposals to

MAEP/The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 Third Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Specific questions concerning the preparation of exhibition proposals may be directed to the MAEP at (612) 870-3035 or

View sample proposals.

Exhibition Selection Process

Proposals are accepted by the MAEP throughout the year. Artists living and working in the state of Minnesota are eligible to apply.* The artist panel meets regularly to review proposals and schedule exhibitions. The panel selects exhibitions in one of three ways:

  • accepting a proposal submitted by an artist or a group of artists
  • combining two or more artists from submitted proposals
  • inviting a guest curator to organize an exhibition

There are many factors that contribute to the panel’s decision-making process, including the quality of each artist’s work; the coherency of the exhibition description; and the potential of each artist to complete the proposed exhibition based on his or her statement and resume.The panel will make every effort to review proposals in a timely manner, but due to the volume of proposals it is not uncommon for the panel to defer decisions until subsequent meetings. MAEP staff will contact artists as soon as a decision regarding acceptance, rejection, or further consideration has been made.

To assist in preparing your proposal, see the attached floorplan with MAEP gallery dimensions, door widths, and ceiling heights. The MAEP generally makes decisions on proposals that allow for at least one year of preparation for creative and studio time. During that phase, MAEP staff are on hand to facilitate all aspects of the exhibition process, including promotion, installation, gallery preparation, and brochure design.

*MIA staff are not eligible to apply.