MAEP Exhibition Selection

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

The panel selects exhibitions in one of three ways:

  • By accepting a proposal submitted by an artist or group of artists
  • By curating an exhibition
  • By inviting a guest curator to organize an exhibition

If a guest curator is selected, she/he is entirely responsible for the content of the exhibition and is limited only by budget and logistical constraints as outlined by the Program Coordinator.

The question of how to select exhibitions continues to be explored, but central to the process are the evaluations and perceptions of the artist community.

All artists who live and work in Minnesota are invited to submit exhibition proposals for consideration.

Panel Criteria for Selecting Exhibitions

  • The quality of each artist's work
  • The overall balance and compatibility of the exhibition group
  • The clarity of the stated intention and the quality and focus of the proposed exhibition
  • The cohesiveness of the stated intention and the actual work
  • The compatibility of the exhibition within the Program's annual exhibition schedule