MAEP Tenth Anniversary Celebration

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Curated by: Joe Aiken, Carole Fisher, Judith Onofrio, Nancy Randall, Tom Rose and Phyllis Wiener
February 15 – April 20, 1986

A major event designed to honor the museum’s ten year alliance with the artists of Minnesota, the MAEP Tenth Anniversary Celebration was featured in the Museum’s Dayton-Hudson Special Exhibition Hall. This eight gallery installation accommodated an exhibition of works by 85 Minnesota artists, including two and three-dimensional work, film, video and performance art. The exhibition was curated by a special Anniversary Panel of six artists, elected by and from the 47 artists who had served as MAEP panelists since 1975. The Anniversary Panel members (Joe Aiken, Carole Fisher, Judith Onofrio, Nancy Randall, Tom Rose and Phyllis Wiener) reviewed slides and proposals submitted by 553 artists who had responded to the statewide call for entries. The Anniversary installation also featured a multimedia “Slide Salon” which presented thousands of slides submitted by Minnesota artists. The slides, shown on nine projectors in a circular gallery of the Dayton-Hudson Hall, created a light-filled collage of images designed to acknowledge the richness and diversity of Minnesota’s artist community. This continuous and panoramic presentation was accompanied by an MIA-produced video installation entitled Talk About Art, a four-channel program of videotaped interviews with artists and non-artists. Talk About Art ran continuously on four monitors situated in the darkened gallery of the “Salon” and served to complement the vast display of visual work with the thoughts, feelings and opinions that 150 Minnesotans hold regarding art and creative work.

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