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New SkinsArtist Led Tourwith Andrea CarlsonThursday, April 12, 7 pmin the MAEP Galleries
New Skins
Artist Led Tour
with Andrea Carlson
Thursday, April 12, 7 pm
in the MAEP Galleries
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Established in 1975, the MAEP is a unique organization that is run by and for Minnesota artists. The MAEP’s continued success is the result of a productive collaboration between the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the statewide artist community. As an artist-run program, the MAEPedia needs your voice. Your comments, memories and anecdotes will help form the basis for a historical record of contemporary visual arts in Minnesota. Log in and contribute today.

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Artist-Led Public Tour: Each exhibition hosts a tour of his or her exhibition. See a list of dates.

Trialogue: The Visual Art Critics Union of Minnesota hosts a trialogue for each exhibition: an open discussion between artist, critic and the public. Click here to see a list of scheduled events with artists and critic.
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10 years ago: Reginald Sanders

20 years ago: Harding/Kendall
30 years ago: A Change in Scale

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Mary Griep and Jantje Visscher

Jantje Visscher’s work deals with perception, especially with the forms and patterns in nature, and the way we perceive and relate to the universe we live in. For the last six years Mary Griep has been working on a series of large scales drawings of sacred spaces of the 11th and 12th century.

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Gerald Smith, Just Can't Leave It Alone
Gerald Smith, Just Can't Leave It Alone