Mantras: Paintings of Repetition

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artists: Barbara Kreft
July 31- September 28, 1998
Minnesota Artists Gallery

This exhibition featured large-scale paintings by Berlin-born artist Barbara Kreft, who has made the Upper Midwest her home for nearly two decades. The region's diverse landscape-its wide horizons and high arctic sky-has profoundly influenced Kreft's work. This part of the earth, “less populated and less burdened by human history,” has been her constant source of inspiration.

Kreft is well known for luminous paintings of verdant environments containing mysterious floating organic forms. But “Mantras” represented a radical departure, with canvases emphasizing simple life pattern and vast atmospheric expanses. Glowing fields of color and meticulously layered and repeated motifs, such as dots, squares, and hexagons, suggested a realm ethereal rather than material. Life Kreft's earlier work, these paintings-with titles such as Heaven, The Labor of Bees, and The Color of Ice-display her signature luminosity, which she achieves by applying fifteen to twenty layers of translucent paint.

Related Events

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, July 30, 1998 in the Minnesota Artists Gallery.
  • Artist led-tour: August 30 and September 28, 1998 in the Minnesota Artists Gallery.

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