Relative Perfection

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artists: Leigh Kane, Cynthia Morgan and Barabra Nei
May 8 - June 28, 1998
Minnesota Artists Gallery

New feminist installations by Leigh Kane, Cynthia Morgan, and Barabra Nei addressed a host of serious questions about contemporary expression and shed light on the complexity of cultural presentation and documentation. “Fine art,” “museum -quality presentation,” family values,” “feminine mystique,” and myraid “acceptable standards” of representation were all fair game for these artists as they took aim at conventional culture. The odd configurations, unusual combinations of images and materials, and a variety of post-modern techniques for extending vision beyond the constraints of mainstream culture creatured the enchanting dialectic of “Relative Perfection.” The exhibition comprised Leigh Kane's photo installation Guardian Angels: Some Invented Families in Late 20th Century North America; Cynthia Morgan's topographical arrangement Vanilla Geyser; and Barbara Nei's multimedia installation The Looking Glass Pictures.


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  • Opening Reception: Thursday, May 7, 1998.
  • Artist-led tours: June 7, 1998 with Cynthia Morgan. June 14, 1998 with Barbara Nei. June 21, 1998 with Leigh Kane.
  • Public slide lecture: May 28, 1998.

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