From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artist: Linda Rossi
December 13, 1996 - February 2, 1997
Minnesota Artists Gallery

This installation featured the work of photographer/installation artist Linda Rossi, who combined illuminated sculpture, video, sound, and still photography in a 'room of the seasons” designed to focus on human and environmental exchange. In her four installations Rossi over-lapped images of the environment (still work and video footage from Minnesota and Africa) and the human body in multireferential narratives that explore personal, cultural, and geographical territories.

The objects and images found throughout Rossi's exhibit were intended to describe emotion and reveal a variety of themes, including psychological cover-ups (depicted by such images as snow or eyelids), decorative illusion (represented by curtains and clouds), and the elusiveness of time (the clay heart pendulum of her grandmother clock “measures desire instead of time”).

Through her metaphors, Rossi reckons with sorrow and loss; her ritualized, shrinelike presentation puts the magic and beauty of daily life into context.

Related Events

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, December 12, 1996 in the Minnesota Artists Gallery.
  • Artist-led tour: January 19, 1997 in the Minnesota Artists Gallery.

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