Rivers Merging

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Organizer: Kinji Akagawa
May 12 - July 16, 1995
Minnesota Artists Gallery

Organized by artist/guest curator Kinji Akagawa, “Rivers Merging” will featured a cross-cultural and collaborative investigation of the concepts of “representation” and “identity” through an exhibition and event series - including performances, demonstrations, presentations, site-specific installations, and rituals-created by cross-cultural and interdisciplinary teams of artists. These teams will be selected by an interdisciplinary panel consisting of Kinji Akagawa, Evelina Chao, Marlina Gonzalez-Tamrong, and Ranee Ramaswammy. “Rivers Merging” is cosponsored by the Asian American Renaissance, a local Asian-American grassroots organization committed to building the Asian-American community through the arts.

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