Shana Kaplow/Shannon Kennedy

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artists: Shana Kaplow and Shannon Kennedy
May 9 - June 29, 1997
Minnesota Artists Gallery

Paintings by Shana Kaplow and mixed-media photo constructions by Shannon Kennedy were featured in this exhibit, which explored the life force of the human body through depictions of anatomical fragments and biomorphic patterns.

Through her paintings, Kaplow zeros in on those portions of the human body where private meets public-skin, mouth, eyes, genitals. Her most recent series, titled “Licked Clean,” consists of a horizontal band of 40 nearly square paintings, each depicting a body-related image. “Licked Clean” presents the body as a constantly shifting collection of spaces, surfaces, and edges, suggesting the notion that the mind and perception dwell in the whole body, not just the brain.

Shannon Kennedy's lifelong fascination with extreme and opposing states of consciousness-from gridlike information systems to the boundless realm of witches and ghosts-continued to manifest itself in her creation of an expansive photographic vision. Her latest photo-constructions, featured in this exhibition, abandon the human figure entirely and resonate, instead, with “pure being-serene contemplations of molecular matter moving through space and time.”


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  • Opening Reception: Thursday, May 8, 1997 in the Minnesota Artists Gallery.
  • Artist-led tour: May 8, 1997 in the Minnesota Artists Gallery with Shana Kaplow and Shannon Kennedy.

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