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Artists: Joe Aiken, Dee Axelrod, Edwin Beylerian, Lee Bjorklund, Joe Breidel, James Byrne, Tom DeBiaso, Gary Hallman, Stephen Hartman, Barry Kahn, James Kielkopf, Stuart Klipper, Linda Klosky, Andrew Leicester, George Morrison, Stuart Nielsen, Judy Onofrio, Timoty Ray, Tom Rose, Jerry Rundquist, Paul Smith, Steven Sorman, Phyllis Wiener
December 10, 1975-March 7, 1976

This exhibit was intended to introduce the MAEP to the community. It had two components: didactic material which explained the development, methodology and philosophy of the program, and the work of 28 artists who were instrumental in the initial planning and preparation of the program. The work included cloth sculpture, paintings, prints, drawings, video, film and photography. The exhibit illustrated the diversity of interests of the artists and of the art activity in the state.


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This was the first exhibition that MAEP mounted. Barry Kahn was director of MAEP at the time.

I'm James Byrne and I showed a video installation called "Floor Ceiling", and there wer e 27 other were 27 other great artists in the show. I remember Barry Kahn was a visionary and advocate. I was surrounded by other great Minnesota artists and the MAEP was born.

If you were in that show, please add your name and the piece that you exhibited, and any memories you may have.


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  • On January 11th, 1976, four Minnesota artists joined Barry Kahn for a panel discussion which was open to the public. They addressed the issue of the sense of community among artists. Attendance for this event was over 100 (twice what was planned for).
  • On April 4th, 1976, Kathryn C. Johnson moderated an open panel discussion, “Art & Women & Art”. It emphasized aesthetic considerations rather than social and political activities of the women’s art movement. Panelists were Carole Fisher, Mary Griep, Todd Maitland and Roslye B. Ultan. Attendance for this event was 115.
  • MovingImageMakers: Filmmakers voiced a need for more interaction among film/video artists. Responding to that need, MAEP and Film in the Cities (a St. Paul-based organization dedicated to film, video and photography) worked with these artists to plan and implement the program MovingImageMakers. This program involved a series of public film and video presentations by Minnesota artists. The program offered artists the opportunity to present work to an interested audience and receive feedback on their work. Two open screenings , in which any Minnesota film or video artist could participate, were part of the eleven scheduled programs.
  • The MAEP provided the artist’s perspective to the study of art history and the nature of art in the museum’s intern, docent and teacher training programs, as well as in the art history and humanities taught at the Institute. Through the MAEP, artists were contacted and arrangements made for them to address these groups in a seminar situation.
  • “Artists’ Perspectives: Conversations With Artists” This series of four programs allowed for intimate discussion in small groups between local artists and members of the Society of Fine Arts. Each conversation had its own focus, i.e. the artist’s work, pieces in the museum’s collection, working in the art field and the nature of art. The series was organized in conjunction with the museum’s Special Events office. Total attendance for the four events was 57.

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