The Other Foot in the Door Show

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Concept originated with MAEP's 1980 Artists Panel. The original "Foot in the Door" exhibition, conceived by the Program's 1980 Artists Panel was an open invitation to all artists in the state to participate in an exhibtion at the Institute, provided they restricted their artworks to one cubic foot of gallery space. In 1980, 740 artists entered pieces for installation. MAEP's 1989-90 Artist Panel agreed that this unusual exhibition format serves to acknowledge the vast amount of creative work being done in Minnesota. So its members decided to stage a second show, ten years after the first. The Artist Panel also agreed that it would censor nothing from the exhibit, provided that size restrictions were met. In 1990, 882 artists participated in the exhibition. Nearly 3,000 people attended opening night; this figure, combined with that weekend's attendance at the Institute, represented the greatest number of people to visit the museum in two days since it opened in 1915. The opening reception featured free foot massages and Kevin Cole's "A Foot in You Ear," three hours of music relating to the foot, feet, and activities thereof.

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