Visscher, DeBiaso, Breidel, Akagawa

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artists: Jantje Visscher, Tom DeBiaso, Joe Breidel and Kinji Akagawa
October 20 – December 4, 1977
Minnesota Gallery

The work by these four artists concerns progression, either between forms, between real and illusionary spaces, or between occurrences in time. Visscher's lithographs and intaglio prints investigate the tensions between the illusory depth of the printed image and the real three-dimensionality created by the folding, rolling and cutting away of hte layered papers. DeBiaso's photographs are concerned with the progression between images. His works record a sequence of events staged for the camera in which he examines relationships between space, light and movement. Breidel's photographs contain tension and movement created by the object's relationships. Akagawa works with 4 foot x 8 foot modules in which he explores continuity within discontinuity.

The artists were grouped according to a polling procedure used by the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program to identify the state's community of artists. Artists are asked to name others with whom they would like to exhibit their works. Their responses indicate similar interests or concerns, suggesting possible exhibitions.


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