World Art Project

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artist: Stanley Shetka
October 23 – December 4, 1988

A one-person exhibition by Stanley Shetka, World Art Project was and continues to be an international mass-media event in the form of a world collaboration. According to the artist, the “World Art Project involves the collecting of one substance (of any size, format or material) from every living person.” Shetka brought these substances together in the MAEP gallery by creating a combination warehouse, receiving center and workshop, and was present in the gallery throughout the exhibition. For Shetka the exhibition marked the beginning of a long-term project. When completed, the World Art Project will be a permanent multiple-acre work of art created from the materials Shetka will have received over his lifetime. Gallery goers, however, experienced tours with built-in opportunities to participate in the project’s creation. Computers with telephone hookups encouraged both the sending and receiving of information, while sensors inside the gallery triggered sculptures and elaborate machines whose actions mimicked the “perpetual motion” of information.

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