Your Favorite Show

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Tell us about your favorite MAEP exhibition. What made it special or memorable?

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Paper Futures was one of my favorite shows. The show was way ahead of its time. I am still waiting for the future to arrive!!


I've had many favorites, but honestly the first exhibition that popped into my conscious head when I considered this question was one from 1988 called The Collected and the Unexpected. Perhaps because of its unusual nature -- featuring collectors rather than artists, per se -- it stands out for me. Plus it was great to see, in a gallery, collections of everything from rare films to vintage clothing to live orchids.


David Lefkowitz's Nature World exhibition was one of the first MAEP exhibitions I attended and also one of the most playful. His "Aerial Pollutant Trading Cards" among other works, were an invitation to consider how humor, social commentary, and art can become one in the same. His unorthodox formats and convential painting style together, were something I had not seen before. I had the opportunity of walking through the gallery many times during his exhibition and it never failed to lift my spirits.