Yuanfei Hotel

From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artist: Melba Price
October 1 – November 28, 1999
Minnesota Artists Gallery

“Yuanfei Hotel” presented new works on paper by Melba Price, well known for her somber figurative drawings of women. For this installation, Price appropriated motifs from 16th century Chinese landscape painting in a monochromatic, floor-to-ceiling treatment of the gallery walls. Her homage to Chinese art and culture served as a backdrop for a series of framed drawings of enigmatic women from indeterminate eras.

Price's elusive women are dissatisfied; they are grieving. About exactly what we cannot be sure, for they are suspended, solitary, in the moments between action. Each exists outside of relationship with others. (She is not your girlfriend, or your mother, or your sister, or your lover.) These women keep their integrity (and their sadness) intact. They are formidable presences, relying on no one to define their purpose, even though they long for love that never comes. Price's work is sometimes funny, often melancholy and ultimately maintains an ironic state of grace.

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  • Opening Reception: Thursday, September 30, 1999 in the Minnesota Artists Gallery.

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