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Cheryle Melanderthe war of the whispers (detail), 2009
Cheryle Melander
the war of the whispers (detail), 2009

Artists: Cheryle Melander and Don Myhre
June 19 - August 9, 2009

Cheryle Melander's and Donald Myhre's sculptures explore memory and the ways we contextualize the past in the present.

Melander's work investigates involuntary memory which emphasizes the symbiotic relationship of body and mind. Through repetition, non-linear narratives, and patterns, she creates meditative environments that evaluate time. Constructing landscapes she explores the possibility that there could be genetically transferred memories and behaviors that are rediscovered and found through a methodology of free association.

Myhre's work is made to prompt memory of witnessed events by building an object to commemorate its importance. They are self made souvenirs that authenticate an experience and allow embellishment of specific aspects of each occurrence. Carefully chosen materials, objects and processes make a clear representation, but the resulting piece is usually a nostalgic replica rather than a factually correct object.


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  • Opening Reception: Thursday, June 18, 7 p.m.
  • Artist Talk: Thursday, June 25, 7p.m., MAEP Galleries
  • Critic's Trialogue with Christina Schmid: Thursday, July 9, 7p.m., MAEP Galleries

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