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From Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Artists: Lance Kiland and T. L. Solien
August 11 – October 15, 1995
Minnesota Artists Gallery

Lance Kiland and T. L. Solien have maintained a serious commitment to the primacy of painting for twenty-five years. Both artists create shallow theater/landscape-based spaces populated with “eccentric mental architecture.” Yet Kiland and Solien have created distinctive bodies of work based on unique personal styles, sources of inspiration and regard for process. T. L. Solien’s imagery emanates from his life, remembered experience and conscious choices about “observation,” self-portraiture, historical appropriation and literary impetus. The architectural framework of Solien’s paintings is built on the intersection between conceptualism and imagination. Lance Kiland’s imagery develops out of the process of painting itself—building and bisecting forms, turning shapes inside out to reveal their inner workings, and attempting to create whole new worlds where organic and architectural forms resonate.

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